Japan Trip March 2014. 7th Friday Fourth day

P1030890 P1030887Out onto the motorway toll roads to Takahashi who lives 1 1/2 hour away from the hotel in a town called Koide.

Very difficult driving due to the snow and snow ploughs holding up the traffic today.

Once arriving at Takahashi we then had to paddle through running water around his paths as he floods the walkway to stop the heavy snow from settling.

We brought a good selection of two and three year olds.

I found the most impressive unique 3 year old Doitsu Yamatonishiki I have ever seen before.

This koi has a very white metalic skin quality, with a super face pattern.

The bold black pattern is deep and stunning down its body.

Then into his Tosai house where allowed me to hand select 44 very nice 12 – 15cm mixed koi.

Once we had fininshed we then had to clear around 4 -5 inches of snow of the hire car before heading back to Nagaoka.


P1010486 P1010488 P1010491 P1030871 P1030877

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