How to order from Maple Koi

Online Orders

Maple Koi is pleased to now be able to sell our koi and dry goods over the internet. Any products added to your online cart remain there until you remove them, or check them out. Our check out process is simple and easy providing you with a number of options for payment and postage and packaging methods. We can now also deliver your products to another address other than yours! This is perfect to send birthday gifts direct to the birthday-person themselves, so once you have entered your own details, you can also enter theirs.

Telephone Orders

As there are many advantages to online ordering, there are also many to making telephone orders. The biggest advantage being that you have someone to talk to about your purchase, which means any queries can be answered instantly and we can tailor your order to your needs. This is especially important in the ordering and delivery of koi.

In Store

You can purchase almost any of products in store, which also offers you the oppurtunity to consult with us about any of you needs and also an oppurtunity to see the wide range of koi we have in stock, as currently there are more koi to go on the website.

Payment Methods


Paypal is a reliable, secure way of taking payment for our products over the internet which many of you may be familiar with. It is a very reputable website, and you will be redirected when purchasing products off our website. In order to do so, you will need to create a paypal account which will then allow you to pay for our goods using any type of card, e.g. debit or credit. Not only will you be able to use your paypal account in association with our website, but also others which makes it more practical way to pay for goods on the internet.

Card Payment

At Maple Koi, we are also able to take orders using our card machine on our premises. This is the same principal as taking your order over the phone. If you input your card details on to our secure page on our website after checking out, we can process your transaction manually. We can also take your details over the phone which offers the advantage of having us to talk to. All details provided will be secure and has the advantage of not needing to create a paypal account. We can accept VISA, MASTERCARD, MAESTRO, but not American Express.

Payment on Store Pick UP

Maple Koi also offers the option of store pick up, which means that you can also pay for products or fish on collection by cash. We can also take your payment by card on our premises and will save you on postage and packaging.

Shipping Rates for Koi

Shipping rates of fish are £30 for next day delivery in the UK only. If you order more than one koi, they can be shipped together in the same box which will save on shipping but you will need to call us to discuss such an arrngement first as they may too big and need to be shipped individually. As fish are live stock, delivery is more expensive. All fish are guaranteed to arrive by 12pm at their destination, so as not to prolong the time they need to spend in transit. There is also the option of store collection which will save on delivery and also mean the koi will spend less time in a box (though this may not always be feasible depending on your location). We will ring to discuss which day would be best to ship the koi to you so that someone will always be around to settle it in to the pond, therefore it is important for us to have your phone number or email address. The koi will be sent at 4pm and should be receieved by 12pm the following day, once arrangements have been made.

Customers who live outside of the UK can order from us however there will be additional charges due to distance and special arragements will need to be made to ensure the koi will not be spending longer in transit than need be, therefore it would be better to contact us direct before ordering.

Shipping Rates for Dry Goods

Shipping rates for dry goods do vary as the courier we use does not only determine their fees by weight, but also it can depend on the volume of the product. Each product has been set the best individual shipping rate which will appear on the checkout page once you have entered your details. Minimum delivery cost on all items is £3. In some cases to save you money, products will be distrubuted by the manufacturer on our behalf should they be closer to you or if they offer a better delivery rate than our courier on that product. Items which are over 2m in length, will be more expensive to ship so unfortunately you will be charged a higher premium therefore we would recommend store collection when possible. This also applies for extremely heavy goods or those large in volume. Orders placed will be dispatched within 2 to 3 working days, but if there are any problems you will be contacted. Customers who live outside of the UK can order from us however there will be additional charges due to distance therefore it would be better to contact us direct before ordering.

If you are ordering multiple dry goods, you may pay more for postage and packaging, as for example pipe fittings can be shipped together, but will be charged individually for P & P on the website. Therefore we will reimburse you the extra postage and packaging paid, or to save you over paying, you can call us and the transaction can be simplified over the phone. In these circumstances we find its much easier to talk to a person than use a computer.

As always if you would like to ask about anything we have not already mentioned, do not hesitate to get in contact and we will do our very best to help