Nisai Winter Koi Selection.

We have a 45 new Niasi ( Two Years old ) koi arrived from Japans top breeders in mid December 2022.

They will undergo heat ramping and quarantined for 6 weeks as per normal to every koi shipment we get in.

This shipment includes some very High grade koi from our good friends and breeder Sakuma San & his brother.

Sakuma selection includes – Doitsu Showa, Doitsu Tanacho Showa, Gin Rin Showa & Kindai Showa`s. Sizes are 35 – 52cm approx.

There are also some very high grade 7 Doitsu Harewake from Yamazaki.

A good selection of 6 High Grade Doitsu Sanke from Tsuna San.

Also a nice selection mix from Shinoda – 3 Hi Utsuri, Doitsu Showa, Doitsu Sanke and a Gin Rin Showa.

Then we have some new type of koi Ki Matsubas (Yellow Matsuba) from Murahiroi, with Chagoi`s & Gin Rin Chagois.

Pictures and videos will be added slowly to our website due to the resting, health checking of our High Grade koi selction ready for the 2023 koi new season

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