Japan Trip March 2014. 8th ,Saturday 5th Day

P1030893 P1030894Straight out to Kase after a good breakfast.

Again the snow had fallen even more overnight causing the journey to be slow a slippery.

We checked over his Tosai sizes and prices.

Looked at his larger koi which seemed expensive really.

Next breeder was Igarashi Kazuto, again looked over some stunning Tosai of different sizers and prices.We will go back later on another day to select some.

Then back into the mountains to seek out Iwishita San and his two year olds, this journey was trechous to say the least as the roads twisted and turned which had not been cleared of any snow.

Lucky our hire car had four wheel drive.

The pictures here are of the selection of 6 koi from IwishitaP1010540 P1010546 P1010551 P1010563 P1010570 P1010577, 2 x Mizu Ogons, 3 x Kin Showas and a Gin Shiro Utsuri.

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