Sakuma Show Koi 2016

The Three Step Kohaku we purchased from Sakuma Koi Farm was entered by Sakuma on our behalf 画像 185-3 Sakuma - Kohaku 43cm Malein a Koi Show near to Tokyo. The Male Kohaku at 43cm Won Young Grand Champion. We will have this Kohaku shipped over at the end of February and then get it ready for viewing.






A Gin Rin Showa was also entered but this 29cm Female only received a second in its class. This Gin Rin Showa will stay with Sakuma San in a mud pond to grow on over the summer of 2016, we hope she grows on to be a new contender for a koi show in Japan in the Autumn of 2016.画像 203-1 Sakuma - Gin Rin Showa 29cm Female

The Sumi ( Black ) pattern should grow and improve in the mudpond. But it is not always guaranteed, so watch out for more news on this stunning koi later on this year.




We have also purchased this Stunning Kohaku 42cm Male  from Sakuma Koi Farm. This will also be arriving near the end of February.画像 187-3 Sakuma - Kohaku 43cm Male

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