November 2013 – Japan Koi Show. Update Results

Sakuma 002 670This autumn we have been able to selectSakuma 001 three show quality koi from Sakuma Koi Farm.

After various emails and discussions to Sakuma though our koi agent in Chiba we have confirmed and purchased these stunning living jewel examples.

Two female, two year old Kohaku`s and a Gin Rin Showa.

Again this year Sakuma San has on our behalf entered these three koi in a show in Tokyo.

The Kohaku with the red over the gill covers Won Best in Size.Once again congratulations to Sakuma San for supplying us with a very unique show winning Sakuma 003  Gin Rin Showapatterned stunning Kohaku.

The Three Step patterned Kohaku won 2nd in Size and class.

The Gin Rin Showa won First Prize in Gin Rin Class.

Pictures are on our website for viewing, the koi will be shipped over in the spring after our buying trip with other koi once have visited Sakuma in March 2014. Retail prices will be calculated once the koi are shipped into the U.K in the spring, due to exchange rates fluctuation.

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