Japan Trip March 2014 – Weds 2nd Day

Traveled from Isawa ( Snowing as we left ) to Nagoaka via Tokyo today, 5 hours on two trains.

Then drop of bags at hotel and hire a car to visit breeders.

We visited 9 breeders in a very short time around the hills on a very wet day to just get an idea of what is around before20140305_015826 20140305_015845 20140305_020025 20140305_020203 20140305_101436 20140305_101447 buying.

Bullet Trains at Tokyo Station.








We traveled on this white/yellow one to Nagaoka from Tokyo


Jumbo Ice crean Sundae’s in Cafe near Nagaoka train station. Over 63cm high with lots of fruit in with the mega ice.

Japanese must have big appetite !



















Window display of plastic food to choose from rather than explain..

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