Covid 19 – Update.Koi Shipping Dates. Please Beware

Dear customers we are still here to help, we are still running fully open for all Koi sales and dry goods with social distancing our main aim and proirity when you visit, with the koi sales mainly at our gated area which is working well.Some products are in short suppy like U/V tubes of some sizes, so make sure if you are thinking of changing the tube on your U/V dont leave it to long as ponds do take a long while to get clear if you do not change it sooner than later with this nice sunny weather upon us.You are most welcome to collect your koi if you buy from our website, many customers are relying on delivery of all things due to the lockdown.As the couirer company who move our koi are so busy with other internet company sales/delivery APC who we rely on has limited all Live Fish movements to a few days some weeks. We have been given a short list each time of the dates availible.Our next shipping date is the 2nd & 3rd of June.So only two dates within that week.We have not received any date when they can move fish on any weekday.So we are getting some customers frustrated waiting for their new purchases.We fully understand and hope that APC can get things back to normal service in the next few months or weeks.So if you wish to buy a new koi for your pond you are most welcome to collect it as we have many more nice tosai ( one year olds ) here.What I must make clear if you require us to send out your koi purchase by overnight couirer service to arrive with you before 12 noon, it is NOT our responsibility if things go wrong with the delivery service. As some arears in the U.K may be short staffed, this can mean that your purchase may get delayed at the hub at your end thus a 48 delivery could occur.We hope that this will not happen, but it has on a few times. Luckly it was cooler weather and the fish survived.We send out our koi very carefully with large boxes and plenty of water and oxygen balanced to survive a long time in a box, but if tempratures increase the oxygen will deplete quite fast. So if you really require any koi deliveries rather than collection please beware. Thank you again for your surport in these difficult times

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