Nisai Winter Koi Selection.

We have a 45 new Niasi ( Two Years old ) koi arrived from Japans top breeders in mid December 2022. They will undergo heat ramping and quarantined for 6 weeks as per normal to every koi shipment we get in. This shipment includes some very High grade koi from our good friends and breeder […]

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Spring 2022. Tosai Koi Selection.

We have a large stunning selection of New young small koi in stock ready for spring 2022. Many high quality small koi are now ready for sale.Lots of pictures and videos are on the website for you to view. We are able to send out koi with our overnight courier if you are interested in […]

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Covid 19 – Update.Koi Shipping or Collection

Dear customers we are still busy and able with shipping koi, the main courier we use are now operating with a fully next day overnight service. Only a few days they cannot send koi, but on the main things are much better.If you wish to buy and collect koi or dry goods we advise customers […]

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